Albany Green

Investment in the public realm area of Albany Green – between the iconic Columbine Building and the historic Victoria Barracks – seeks to re-energise the East Cowes esplanade, connecting all three projects and delivering an upgraded public space to enhance visitor and resident experience, linking the leisure amenities of the Esplanade directly to the town’s high street shops and businesses.

This space will act as a focal point for cultural and community activity in the area, with hard and soft landscaping, a viewing platform, a flexible exhibition space and storage lockers for paddleboarders and kayakers.

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These plans bring with them a wealth of community and local business benefits, namely:

Encouraging health and physical activity amongst local people.
Improved connectivity of the town centre to the waterfront area
Improving the destination credentials of the town
Complementing the community-led environment improvement scheme being progressed at end of Esplanade area
A new events space for community-led activity

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